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About Web sites
Web sites are servers connected to the Internet. On Web sites, you can publish Web pages in a format called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can view Web pages using programs called a browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or AOL/Netscape Navigator. You can also use Web sites to send and receive email over the Internet.
Securing Your Website
SSL certificates (certs) are used to confirm the identity of a website or server, encrypt data during transmission, and ensure the integrity of transmitted data. If you don't have an ssl certificate and you want to keep your data transmission secure , you can get it from here : SSL Certificates.
Online Site Designer
The easiest way to create a Web site is to use a Online Website Designer with 1000's of designs to choose from we are sure you'll find one that is suited for you. You can add website builder access to the personal or business plan for an extra $1.00 a month, it's included free with the advanced plan $4.95 a month plan (1-3 pages), the $9.95 a month plan (1-7pages), as well as the $18.95 a month plan (unlimited pages). Please submit a support ticket if you'd like to add sitebuilder after you ordered your web hosting account.
Custom Development
At we have a team of developers that is ready to create your dream website what ever you imagine we can build it. With competitive pricing contact us today for free no obligation quote. Leave your site to the experts and you concentrate on what you do best, and let us do what we do best!
Creating and publishing Web pages
The easy way to create a Web page is to use a Web authoring-tool, also called an HTML-authoring tool. Some of the more common authoring tools are SharePoint Designer , which is available for purchase from Microsoft, and Dreamweaver , which is available for purchase from Macromedia. These tools write the HTML code for you as you compose your page. Using them is similar to using a word processor such as Microsoft Word.
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